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What is WBFSH?

The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) is a non-profit federation of sport horse studbooks from around the world. The WBFSH generally promotes the common interests of its member studbooks and acts as a representative body for the sport horse breeding sector.

A breeder with his precious broodmare and her foal.
A breeder with his precious broodmare and her foal.
The major goals of the WBFSH are:

Goal 1. Stimulate the development of sport-horse breeding world wide.

Goal 2. Co-ordinate and stimulate co-operation among member studbooks.

Goal 3. Represent the common interests of the sport-horse breeding world internationally.

Goal 4. Cooperate with other relevant organisations to promote horse breeding generally, to better integrate sport and breeding and to advance interests of member studbooks and individuals.

Goal 5. Be efficient and effective as an organization respecting good financial control, good governance and best practice in management.

In the Annual Plan which is adjusted each year at the WBFSH General Assembly the work plan of the Board and Executive Committee is listed in bullet points and give a good impression of the tasks of the departments of WBFSH.

WBFSH webinar

If you would like more in-depth information on WBFSH a webinar hosted by our General Manager Nadine Brandtner is available through this link. The webinar is presented by British Breeding Webinars