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WHIRDEC meetings

WHIRDEC meetings are arranged by the Department Breeding, operated by the IFCE in France.
At WHIRDEC meetings, most oftenly items on UELN and XML are dealt with, but since October 2014 the meetings have also current and new EU regulations as main topic.
See the minutes from the meetings below.

Questions regarding WHIRDEC / Regulation / Implementation / next meeting etc : Mrs. Emilie Goulas

Presentation from the WHIRDEC meeting in Budapest, Hungary, November 2018:

Please find below the presentation with short minutes at the end from the latest WHIRDEC meeting with more than 80 delegates.

Minutes and presentations from the WHIRDEC meeting in Billund, Denmark November 2017:

Please find below the minutes, which are more or less the presentation and some questions, along with a presentation made by Max Becherer from Delta Horse about a pilot project on communication between PIO / Central Databases, document about the Brexit, and one document is the annoted agenda from the last expert group about AHL (27th of October).

Previous minutes from WHIRDEC meetings