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WBFSH Covid-19 Survey

With the 2020 breeding season of the Northern hemisphere having just started when the
Covid-19 pandemic took hold of Europe, it is early days for the breeding industry to give
concrete feedback on the impact of Covid-19.
With an immediate impact being measurable in other sectors if the equine industry, the
WBFSH decided to gather preliminary feedback of the impact of the crisis through a survey
distributed to its members. It must be noted that the findings of this survey are strongly
biased and based on preliminary impressions. Concrete and verified figures for 2020 will only
be available early in 2021, when studbooks carry out their reconciliation of the past season.
This normally happens the following year and that is why the WBFSH normally collects
studbook foal and member statistics one year in arrears. Therefore, a follow-up survey will
have to be carried out in 2021 and 2022.

Read the Covid-19 report below