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Traceability of Genetic Material

The topic of equine semen traceability is of increasing importance to all actors in sport horse breeding. With the way the world is changing in terms of semen trade & reproductive techniques, our industry is already feeling the pressure of this evolution.

Already in June 2018 the WBFSH had a meeting in Schiphol with studbook representatives stallion owners. At this meeting three points of approach were identified:

  • A harmonised sales agreement for semen trade, which stipulated terms and conditions of sale

  • Mandatory submission of covering certificates when registering foals, and the possibility of incorporating the zootechnical certificate into the covering certificate. A meeting with the EU commission in August 2018 ruled out the possibility of applying EU law for making covering certificates mandatory.

  • A centralised platform or database to track foal registrations worldwide.

At the WBFSH annual meetings 2019 in Saumur France, a forum was held to allow an open discussion & begin to explore ways to manage how traded semen can be traced.

Watch the video of the forum on our YouTube channel.

A working group was established in Saumur to continue this with this project. Updates on the continuation of the project can eb found on this page.