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European working groups

Some years ago two new basically European groups have emerged, and the WBFSH is actively represented in both; the European Horse Network established in November 2009 during the Equus conference in Sweden and the EEF EU Working Group, which had its first informal meeting in June 2010.

EEF EU working group

The need to improve the quality of communication between the European National Federations (NFs) was frequently discussed. As a consequence, a number of NFs proposed the foundation of a European organisation to consider and debate issues of common concern, to find agreeable solutions and to introduce them professionally, and sensitively, into the decision-making processes of the relevant bodies. This resulted in the foundation of the European Equestrian Federation (EEF) in 2009.
A permanent working group of the EEF that has been established is the European Union Working Group. The impact of the European Union’s legislation on sport and the safe use of horses for sport, breeding and recreation in Europe is considerable and thus a long term and positive relationship with the European Union, both at the Commission and in the Parliament, a priority for the EEF

The EUROPEAN EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION (EEF) has its offices in Zaventem Belgium, adjacent to the Belgian Confederation of the Horse.
Since November 2019 Theo Ploegmakers (NED) is the President of the EEF. Elected Vice-Presidents are Ulf Helgstrand (DEN) and Armagan Özgörkey (TUR).
Further Board Members are: Quentin Simonet (FRA), George Dimaras (GRE), Nayla Stoessel (SWI), Eleonora Ottaviani (ITA), Soenke Lauterbach (GER), General Secretary Carina Mayer (GER).

For further information on EEF, visit their website here.

European Horse Network

The European Horse Network is a non-profit network of stakeholders acting at a World, European, National or Regional level within the European equine and welfare sector. Amongst other things, the purpose of the EHN to:
• Act as a platform for the horse, pony and donkey industry to communicate common issues with European institutions and media at the European level.
• Exchange views on political developments affecting the horse sector in Europe.
• Discuss, define and lobby on areas of common interests on the European political agenda.
• To help members coordinate their activities in order to increase the visibility and impact of the equine sport, tourism and recreation sectors.

EHN was formed on a Swedish initiative at the European conference EU Equus 2009 with 11 members. The WBFSH and FEI have been members of the EHN since its inception. It currently consists of 29 members.
Mark Wentein (BEL) has been the EHN Chairman since 2015. The other members of the board are Erica Lindberg (SWE), Nick Elsass (DEN), Nancy de Briyne (FRA), Florence Gras (BEL), Roly Owers (UK), Bo Helander (SWI), Paull Khan (UK), Nadine Brandtner (BEL), Camille Vercken (FRA) and Catherine Bonnichon (FRA)

For more information visit the EEF website here.

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