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Annual Plan 2021

The annual plan 2021 was ratified at the Virtual General Assembly, October 2020

1. Planning of the championships together with FEI
2. Working on EU legislation in cooperation with European Horse Network and other
3. Improve overall communication between the WBFSH and its studbooks through
implementation of the marketing and communications plan.
4. Continue to improve overall collaboration between the WBFSH and FEI, for
example through the WBFSH FEI Council.
5. To finalise implementation of a suitable platform that will provide clean, verified
pedigree data, to enable data exchange with the FEI.
6. Verified breeding information on starting lists and other media
7. Sponsorships – work on attracting additional sponsors
8. Contact to international federations (COPA, EAAP etc)
9. Continued support of international organisation of young breeders’ competition
10. Promote and maintain the WBFSH rankings of horse breeders, studbooks and the
11. Raising the profile & gaining greater recognition of the WBFSH through new
initiatives e.g. develop our presence on social media, develop the idea that
breeders’ get a share of competition prize money.
12. Continue the work of the WBFSH CIGA committee
13. Make progress with the establishment of WBFSH International Breeding Values
14. Continue working with EQUIS to provide a database management system for small
15. Continue work with appointed task force to explore and develop a solution for
tracing genetic material.

Participants in Saumur, France gathered for a picture October 2019
Participants in Saumur, France gathered for a picture October 2019
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