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Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2016
31-10-2016 - 12:26

VERDEN: The double Olympic competitor, dressage stallion Desperados FRH was declared Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in the  Niedersachsenhalle in Verden this weekend

Sire Rankings soon to come
31-10-2016 - 10:28

The WBFSH Sire Rankings 2016 will be published at the latest on November 14th 2016.

New newsletter set-up
26-10-2016 - 13:54

Did you remember to subscribe??

26-10-2016 - 13:50

Unfortunately the WBFSH and the host of the WBFSH General Assembly 2016 the Swiss CH-Sportpferde have had to make some changes in the programme and the entry form of the General Assembly and seminars 2016

Oldenburg Stallion Licensing Collection
24-10-2016 - 13:02

The colts that will be competing at the Oldenburg licensing have been posted online

His Moment - Trakehner champion stallion
24-10-2016 - 07:56

(Neumünster/ GER) –  His Moment by Millennium out of Hermine by Le Rouge is the champion stallion of the 2016 Trakehner licensing in Neumünster’s Holstenhallen. 

Two new world champions in Lion d'Angers
23-10-2016 - 19:59

Christopher Burton from Australia and Ingrid Klimke from Germany steered their horses to victory at the FEI World Breeding Federation Eventing Championships for Young Horses 2016 at Le Lion d’Angers, France where the Selle Francais Studbook claimed the overall title

Smart stallions and Trakehner jumpers
22-10-2016 - 13:01

NEUMÜNSTER, GERMANY –  English, Spanish or even French, with and without accent, the charming Austrian lilt popping up again and again - the babble of voices at Neumünster’s Holstenhallen is diverse and multilingual

The final 2016 FEI/WBFSH rankings are out!
19-10-2016 - 14:54

The final 2016 FEI/WBFSH rankings for horses and studbooks are now available and we are proud to present the winners

Hanoverian stallion licensing collection
14-10-2016 - 14:31

VERDEN: Young futurity stallions, born in 2014, are awaited with anticipation in the Verden Niedersachsenhalle

Trakehner of the Year: Imperio
10-10-2016 - 12:50

The breeding stallion and international Grand Prix dressage horse Imperio has been appointed the Trakehner of the Year title and will be celebrated at the forthcoming Trakehner stallion licensing in Neumünster

Hanoverian Mare of the Year 2016
08-10-2016 - 12:04

VERDEN: It was the 10th time that a mare was awarded the title „Hanoverian Mare of the Year“ at the Gala Evening Show of the studbook's recent auction

Goffinet claimed his second medal
18-09-2016 - 18:43

Belgian rider Thierry Goffinet, who won bronze for 6-year-olds claimed the world championship title for 7-year-olds aboard a half-sister to the renowned Winningmood

Irish victory in the 6-year-olds
18-09-2016 - 16:42

The Irish have now made it a full house. After an Irish rider claimed silver and bronze tin the final for 5-year-olds Irish Geard O'Neill has now added up with a gold medal in the final for 6-year-olds

Sensational final for 5-year-olds
18-09-2016 - 13:41

In an extremely exciting final for the 5-year-olds a breeding sensation occured. Horses bred by Irish Marion Hughes won two medals - both horses ridden by a 16-year-old rider

The finalists are ready for Sunday!
17-09-2016 - 19:23

133 finalists are ready to compete for the world championship medals in Sunday's finals at Zangersheide

From revolution to common practice
17-09-2016 - 10:10

The WBFSH/FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses at Zangersheide saw the light of day back in the 1990’s. Since then the yearly event has produced many an international star

Sire of the World 2016: Alicante
16-09-2016 - 18:44

Belgian Jérome Guery and the Holsteiner stallion Alicante did it again tonight and thereby the grey son of Casall claimed the title Sire of the World 2016. On his second mount Guery placed third 

Sires of the World warm-up
15-09-2016 - 19:14

The opening class of the FEI Zangersheide Sires of the World kicked off late this afternoon where three Holsteiner stallions placed first, second and third  

Zangersheide is on again
15-09-2016 - 07:54

The 2016 FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses have commenced at the beautiful settings at the Zangersheide property in Lanaken, Belgium

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