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If a delegate wishes and is authorized to vote at the General Assembly for its studbook, a sheet needs to be signed and returned now, before the annual meetings.

d. 07-12-2016 - 10:48

Also if a delegate is authorized to vote for another studbook at the GA, a proxy sheet needs to be filled out and sent in advance (now) to our project manager, nadine Brandtner. 


Voting for your studbook:

Please can the person voting on behalf of their own studbook fill in the vote authorisation sheet & send it to Nadine Brandtner ( asap (latest Saturday 10th December).


Voting on behalf of another studbook:

A studbook may vote on behalf of 2 other studbooks if they are not able to attend the GA. The names of these studbooks must be filled into the spaces provided on the vote authorisation sheet mentioned above.

Please note that you can only vote on behalf of another studbook if said studbook has nominated you as a proxy (Proxy sheets attached & must be sent in with the vote authorisation sheets). (latest Saturday 10th December).


Find the files here.