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Zuchtverband CH-Sportpferde (ZVCH)

This year the WBFSH annual meetings will be hosted by the Zuchtverband CH-Sportpferde (ZVCH) in Geneva, Switzerland. Learn more about the Swiss studbook here

d. 05-12-2016 - 10:39


The Swiss Sport Horse Breeding Association ZVCH and the Swiss Sport Horse


The Swiss Member of WBFSH is a young association: The Zuchtverband CH-Sportpferde ZVCH was founded 1996 ? exactly 20 years ago. However, the breeding of warmblood horses in Switzerland has a fine tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. At the beginning of the 19th century there were various types of riding and carriage horses, their breeding was state-organised. Until 1997 this breeding responsibility for the Swiss Warmblood stayed in the hands of the Swiss government. Today, the officially recognised ZVCH represents the interests of about 1,800 members active in the regional horse breed cooperatives. At present, about 1200 active breeding mares are counted and about 500 foals are born every year. There are about 100 stallions licensed for breeding in Switzerland, and in addition to stallions with Swiss papers also top sires from abroad.


The goal of the ZVCH is the promotion of a highly competitive and economically attractive Sport Horse breed in Switzerland. The measures for this are defined in the breeding programme and the studbook. The focus is on the health of the animal as well as its performance in the various horse sport disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, eventing and driving. In terms of health and performance, the ZVCH has selection criteria that are among the most stringent in Europe. Therefore, the Swiss Sport Horse is a horse that delivers the highest levels of performance, is healthy and has both a functional as well as an aesthetic conformation. Trademark and brand of the Swiss Sport Horse is the Swiss Cross.


Through its members and officials, the ZVCH is present in all parts of the country. The office is located on the site of the Swiss National Stud Farm in Avenches. Their employees offer the members a broad range of services in the fields of stud book keeping, marketing and performance testing. In addition, the office is the communicative and organizational interface of the association. As partners of the ZVCH, the regional associations and cooperatives organise foal shows, field performance tests for three-year-olds, young horse classes and marketing events. Each year, around 5400 performance tests for young horses are conducted in Switzerland under market conditions. They serve as the basis for selection and breeding value estimation. The highlights of the breeding year include the Annual General Assembly, the Show for Swiss Premium Mares, the Championships for Swiss Sport Horses, the Stallion Licensing as well as the Swiss Breed Classic, the finals for the best three-year-olds.


This year the ZVCH Stallion Licensing was held on 10-12 Nocember at the national stud in Avanches where four stallions got licensed. Read more about the stallion licensing HERE.