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53 newly licensed Hanoverian stallions

53 of the 84 presented young stallions born in 2014 were licensed, 10 of them additionally honoured with the premium-award

Premium stallion with catalogue No. 81 sold to the Moritzburg state stud.
d. 31-10-2016 - 13:20

The stallion licensing was a true festival of young stallions. The sires Quantensprung and Diacontinus presented their first sons. Privately owned stallion Quantensprung was represented with five of his sons, all of them were licensed, three of them also honoured with the title “Premium Dressage Stallion”.- The dressage colts displayed movement with amazing expressiveness, a quality that the modern dressage sport urgently needs today, summarized Dr. Werner Schade. 

The Celle state stud stallion Diacontinus sent four two-and-a-half-year olds, three of them were licensed, one of them also honoured with the award “Premium Show Jumping Stallion”.- Not only their jumping style and scope were remarkable, but also their obvious potential as future breeding sire,” praised Peter Teeuwen, member of the licensing committee. 
 It was the first time that the lungeing of stallions after the presentation on the triangle was part of the licensing schedule. Team Olympic Champion Heike Kemmer praised: - Lungeing the stallions is a good thing when it comes to displaying riding horse qualities. It is perfect to already assess how the horses will move forward into the contact later on. Apart from that, it is easier to evaluate the canter than during free running. The day on the triangle in combination with lungeing was perfect. It was easier possible to get a more detailed impression of the dressage stallions.”

The premium awarded young stallions are:


Premium Dressage

Cat.No. 03 by Best of Gold/ Sungold/ De Niro

Cat.No. 10 by Dancier/ Wolkenstein II/ Eichendorff

Cat.No. 22 by Dimaggio/ Jazz Time/ Escudo I

Cat.No. 80 by Quantensprung/ Distelzar/ De Niro

Cat.No. 81 by Quantensprung/ Fidertanz/ Hohenstein

Cat.No. 83 by Quantensprung/ Stedinger/ De Niro

Premium Show Jumping

Cat.No. 30 by Cardento/ Julio Mariner xx/ Calypso II

Cat.No. 44 by Diacontinus/ Silvio I/ Espri

Cat.No. 46 by Diarado/ Stakkato/ Prestige Pilot

Cat.No. 51 by Perigueux/ Graf Top/ Silvio I


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