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New WBFSH Board Member

At the WBFSH General Assembly in Vienna Tuesday two board members were retiring and only one was eligible for re-election. A total of four candidates came forward for the election to become a board member

New on the WBFSH Board - Chris Gould from Canada.
d. 21-10-2015 - 08:59

After three periods of three years Dutch Siem Korver deciced to retire form the WBFSH Board. He stated that it has been nine very inspiring and productive years and that he is proud to have been part of the development that the WBFSH has gone through but now feels it is time to pass on his place to a new board member.


Board member Thomas Nissen from Germany was eligible for re-election and was one of the four candidates which also included Kess van den Oetelaar from the Netherlands, Tom Lemmens from Belgium and Chris Gould from Canada.


The majority of the votes from the member countries pointed at German Thomas Nissen og Canadian Chris Gould to hold the two seats in the Board. Chris is already a well-known face in the WBFSH and has been in the audit committee for a number of years.


Please find background information of the annual meeting and general assembly HERE.