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General Assembly 2014: First presentations

The first two presentations Monday morning were given by father and daughter, Prof. Marco Alvarenga and Dr Marina Landim Alvarenga

d. 10-11-2014 - 14:11

Prof. Marco Alvarenga spoke about modern techniques of assisted reproduction. Brazil produces about 20,000 embryo transfers which is the largest number in the world. USA and Argentina together produce 12,000 and Europe 5,000 embryo transfers per year.


He also talked about epidydimus which is a new technique and last chance to collect semen from a stallion which has unexpectedly passed away. This technique enables you to produce around 50 offspring.


Dr Marina Landim Alvarenga spoke about regenerative therapy for athletic horses. One technique is stem cell therapy which can be used for various different injuries such as tendinitis, joint injuries, fractures, peripheral bone injuries. This treatment can be used both conventionally and as an adjunctive treatment


The second technique she describes is PRP which is a concentration of Platelets in small volume in plasma. This is anti inflammatory and can be used in acute phases. It can also be sused in association with stem cells.


You will be able to find the presentations on the lower part of this page.