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93 Candidates for BWP Licensing


World Champions Vigo d'Arsouilles and Philippe Lejeune (Photo:
World Champions Vigo d'Arsouilles and Philippe Lejeune (Photo:
2010 has become the year of the Belgian equestrian sport. The jumping team got the bronze medal at the World Equestrian Games. Philippe Lejeune and Vigo d’Arsouilles are the new World Champions. Darco still is the best progenitor of the World and Ulysse is the second best jumping horse on the WBFSH ranking. Potential successors of those top horses may come out of the next BWP stallion selection.

A Total of 107 stallions are entered for that selection. This time, only the 3- and 4-year old candidates are invited to the Second Phase. This means that 93 young stallions will be presented from 19 to 22, January, 2011, in Moorsele (Zilveren Spoor). The older candidates are to be shown in March in Neeroeteren (De Warre).

Among the 107 candidates, 73 are BWP registered at their birth.
The stallions can be subdivided in the following categories:
-  68 BWP born jumping stallions
-   5 BWP born dressage stallions
-   9 non-BWP dressage stallions
-  25 non-BWP jumping stallions

The list of candidates can be found on

2nd Phase of the BWP Stallion Selection :
January, 19-22, 2011, in Moorsele.
BWP Premium Stallion Auction :
January, 22, 2011, in Moorsele.
3rd Phase of the BWP Stallion Selection :
March, 16-19, 2011, in Neeroeteren.