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Final for 6-year-olds: The Ladies' Paradise


Swedish Sara Algotsson-Ostholt did not waver during the final show jumping test. She and her wonderful Mrs Medicott brilliantly won the World Championship for 6-year-old eventing horses at the Mondial du Lion 2010.
by Alison Drummond for Mondial du Lion

Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
This last day of the competition began with the horse inspection. The only noteworthy occurrence was the fact that Quitus de Champloue was not presented by Hervé Letheux.
So there were 33 rider and horse pairs in the running for the final round: the show jumping test.
The legs of some of the 6-year-olds were certainly still a little tired after their efforts the day before. Only 12 rider and horse pairs managed to be clear. Karim Laghouag and Quadrilla de Tanues could have been, but they had one time fault at the end of the round.
The level of pressure increased when it was the turn of the best riders in the provisional line-up as the slightest mistake would cost them dearly. But they each had clear rounds one after another.
4th in the provisional line-up, Clayton Fredericks and Mr Sydney Rocks no longer had their destiny in their hands after leaving the arena without any faults. But his direct lady rivals for the podium did not give way under the pressure.
Kitty King and Zidante were clear and remained in 3rd place. “Zidante jumped perfectly," explained Kitty. “She was fantastic on the cross country course! In fact it is her best performance on a cross country course all season long! And she has perfectly recovered, just look at how she jumped today! She was not bothered by the public, on the contrary, she thinks that they are here for her today! She loves showing off, she pricks up her ears and strikes a pose as soon as she sees a camera!"
Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover also kept their score awarded during the dressage test and remained in 2nd place. “It was fantastic!” thrilled the Team World Champion. “I brought her here so that she could gain experience and she has been extraordinary. She has a learnt a great deal this week. Today, she did not pay any attention to the public, she remained focused and jumped magnificently. Now she is going to have a long break and take in everything that she has learnt here. The objective for next year will be to return for the World Championship for 7-year-old horses!”
Sara Algotsson-Ostholt and Mrs Medicott did not give way to the pressure either. This resulted in a clear round and a magnificent victory. “It is incredible!” repeated the Swedish rider.
Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
Sara Algotson-Ostholt / Mrs Medicott (Photo:
“When I came into the arena, it was as if I was in a bubble, I did not feel anything in particular.” I just wanted to ride as well as possible and when I had completed three quarters of the course, I realised that we were clear and I began to count down in my head: only three more to go, only two more to go, only one more to go…When we went over the finish line, I understood that we had won and it was a fantastic sensation! I still cannot describe exactly how I feel. I was already extremely happy to have qualified my mare for the World Championship for 6-year-old horses, so to win here is incredible!”
The lady riders held good and it was these three mares which dominated the World Championship for 6-year-old horses, which is a rare event. We hope to see them next year for the World Championship for 7-year-old horses!

Link to the official website Le Mondial du Lion 2010 HERE.