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Dibowski still in the lead


Despite the many challengers who still had to compete on Friday, none of them managed to dethrone Andreas Dibowski and Mighty Magic from the top of the provisional line-up.
by Alison Drummond for Mondial du Lion

Mighty Magic and Andreas Dibowski (Photo:
Mighty Magic and Andreas Dibowski (Photo:
Several rider and horse pairs were expected on Friday afternoon for the dressage test of the World Championship for 7-year old horses.
12th in the 6-year old horse category in 2009 with Michael Jackson, Wish Upon a Star is back at the World Championships with the British rider Lucy Wiegersma. The stallion is performing just as well and with a score of 52.50, he went into14th place. William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero, his second Irish horse, did not succeed in getting close to the podium. With 52.20 points, they finished in13th position.
The most disappointed rider was undoubtedly Frank Ostholt. Sir Medicott is a horse which is a bit mistrustful and is sensitive to the environment which surrounds him. Everything went well during the warm-up, but when he entered the arena, he was upset by the music of a brass band that was playing in the exhibitors’ village. As a result, he reared in the very first figure, the salute. A bad start which was soon corrected by the German Olympic champion. But the mistake had been made and the rider and horse pair, which were third in the World Championship for 6-year old horses in 2009, were only awarded 51.30 points and went into 12th place.
On the other hand, the British rider Pippa Funnell displayed a huge smile when she left the arena with Billy Shannon. The Irish mare perfectly responded to her rider’s aids and requests. This resulted in a 2nd place in the provisional line-up with a score of 47.20.
Aurélien Kahn and Pacific Barbotière went down into 3rd position (48). This is a joint 3rd position shared with Andreas Ostholt and So is et.
As for Andreas Dibowski, he also had a very good day. Not only did he remain in the lead with Mighty Magic (43.50), but he also went into 5th position with FRH Butts Avedon (9th when he was 6 in 2009), with a score of 48.30.
“It is a good surprise to still be in the lead this evening, (Friday, Editor’s note)! The scores usually increase on Friday afternoon, but it was not the case here. I found that the judges were sometimes a little severe with our young horses, but finally they evaluated them in the same way throughout the two days, so it is the same thing for everyone… As for Butts Avedon, I am very pleased with him as he was very anxious in the morning and I had to ride him for a long time in order for him to calm down. In the end, he was very relaxed during his test and he was super!”
Things may well be very different on Saturday evening after the cross country test, as there are tiny differences separating the first riders in the line-up: there are less than 20 points (1 refusal) between the 1st and the 18th place… Which will make the cross country test even more exciting to follow! The beginning of the “hostilities” will be at 12.40 p.m. with William Fox-Pitt and Fernhill Highlight.