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A Ladies' Story


Decidedly, it is women who are dominating the World Championship for 6-year old horses of this 25th edition of the “Mondial du Lion”! They are still three women in the lead of the provisional line-up after the cross country test. Three young blond talented women riding three very promising mares.
Alison Drummond for Mondial du Lion.

Sara Algotsson and Mrs Medicott (Photo:
Sara Algotsson and Mrs Medicott (Photo:
21 fences and 32 jumping efforts spread over 4, 595 metres, which all had to be covered in 8’50: the cross country course for the World Championship for 6-year old horses promised to be as a veritable test for these young horses. If most of them finished the round and performed well, some of them were less lucky.
Vitali Sivakov (Russia) and Solist were eliminated after three refusals on the trakhener. Pawel Warszawski (Poland) and Huzar were eliminated as the rider fell on the Equidia Owl (no. 20). Their fellow country men Jacek Kowerski and Menada were also obliged to throw in the towel after the fall of the mare when she entered the “Gué des Canes” (water crossing) (no.7). The Irish rider Steven Smith, competing with Good Lux Jack, also fell on the CWD Spider (no.16) and thus had to give up the competition. Cédric Lyard and Quatar de Soulac experienced the same misadventure: the horse of the French rider fell on him, after jumping the French National Stud Carriages, (no. 3) without any serious consequences. In total, for 5 rider and horse pairs out of the 39 competing, the 2010 Lion World Championships finished at that moment.
Another rider who had to kiss her ambitions goodbye was Franziska Haunhorst. 3rd after the dressage test with Songline 2, the young German rider went back down to the 23rd position after the refusal of the stallion on the Equidia Owl (no. 20).
On the other hand, for many of the rider and horse couples, the cross country test went off without any problems and they finished within the optimal time. This was the case in particular for Eric Vigeanel and Rose d’Ankor. The mare successfully completed the course without the slightest difficulty. Which makes the average dressage score awarded to the pair even more regrettable….
So there were no changes at the top of the provisional line-up. Sara Algotsson and Mrs Medicott are still in the lead (41.70). “I am very pleased with her," said the Swedish rider. “I was very careful on the approach to several fences so that she would jump well, but I did not have to push her. She galloped very well and she was not scared by the spectators. She could not have done better today! And she recovered very well: she was kicking out her hind legs when she came back to the stables!”
Nicola Wilson and Annie Clover are still 2nd (42.70). Once again, the cross country test went well even if "my mare is still very young,” explained the British World Champion. “She performed as I expected: she was looked at everything, the leaves on the ground, the spectators, etc. She only really began to concentrate on what she was doing at the end of the course. She was ready to do a more standard course then! But I am very happy, Annie learnt a great deal today!"
Kitty King (Great Britain) and Zidante are now on their own in 3rd place. They also have maintained score that they had after the dressage test (46).
The victory will be for one of these three lady riders, unless the Australian Clayton Fredericks turns out to be a trouble maker in the show jumping test on Sunday. He is 4th with Mr Sydney Rocks and a total of 47. 30 points The surprise could also come from the German rider Bettina Hoy and Designer 10, 5th with 47.90.