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Twelwe 5 year olds for the final


In the qualifier for 5 year olds at the WBFSH World Championship for young dressage horses in Verden, Germany, Dutch Emmelie Scholtens took first place aboard the KWPN stallion Astrix by Obelisk.
Equally placed second were two German riders: Claudia Rüschler with Hanoverian stallion Lissaro von den Helle by Lissabon and Uta Gräf with Rhinelander stallion Damon Jerome H by Damon Hill.

Emmelie Scholtens and Astrix (Photo:
Emmelie Scholtens and Astrix (Photo:
1. Astrix Emmelie Scholtens NED 8.84
2. Damon Jerome H Uta Gräf GER 8.82
2. Lissaro van de Helle Claudia Rüscher GER 8.82
4. Schumacher Claudia Rüscher GER Wertote 8.64
5. Sarkozy Eva Möller GER 8.46
6. Isac Minna Telde SWE 8.26
6. Weihegold OLD Kira Wulferding GER 8.26
8. Grevens Sa'Va Camilla Ahlers Pedersen DEN 8.22
9. Torveslettens Stamina Andreas Helgstrand DEN 8.2
10. Aptrick Benedicte Smalto FRA 8.14
11. Aston Martin John Hvalsoe Saul DEN 8.1
12. Anne Beth Vai Bruntink NED 8.02