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Dutch Horses Selected for Verden


Following the final training session, which took place today on the showgrounds of the KNHS center in Ermelo, the selection committee announced their definitive selection to represent the KWPN in the World Breeding Championships for Young Dressage Horses, which take place August 4 - 8 in Verden, Germany. The following combinations were selected:

Ziësto (Photo:
Ziësto (Photo:

Aaron (Florencio x Record) – Jana Freund
Anne Beth (Oscar x Corleone) – Vai Bruntink
Annerijke (Jazz x Gribaldi) – Jennifer Sekreve
Aston Martin NL (Uphill x Cabochon) – Christa Laarakkers
Astrix (Obelisk x Olivi) – Emmelie Scholtens
Broere Argentino (Jazz x Ulft) – Kirsten Beckers
President's Allright (Jazz x Royal Dance) – Laurens van Lieren (1st reserve)
Androdine (Sandro Hit x Rubinstein I) – Margreet Prosman (2nd reserve)


Zamora (Krack C x Farrington) – Lynne Maas
Zarah (Oscar x Montecristo) – Lotje Schoots
Zhivago (Krack C x Jazz) – Theo Hanzon
Ziësto (Lancet x Clavecimbel) – Gerdine Maree
Zjengis Khan (Rousseau x Rubinstein I) – Nikki Schaap
Zolena (Sir Sinclair x Cabochon) – Annarein Kerbert