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Selle Francais Qualifying Sessions


The 2010 Selle Français Stallion Qualifying Sessions are about to start. In the Qualifying Sessions, two-year old and three-year old stallion candidates compete to eventually take part to the two-year-old and three-year-old Stallion Licensing Finals (Journées Selle Français) that are due to take place from 6th-10th October 2010.
The Qualifying Sessions gather some of the young males that will later represent the future of the Selle Français genetics. During these sessions, stallion candidates are assessed by a pool of highly-experienced national judges.
The Qualifying Sessions are a great opportunity to discover the offsprings of the best Selle Français stallions. Two-year old horses will be assessed on three workshops: conformation, paces, and free jump. Three-year old horses will be assessed on four workshops: conformation, paces, free jump, and jumping abilities under the saddle, the latter being a French specificity.
The Selle Français Stallion Licensing Finals will then take place during the Journées Selle Français from 6th-10th October 2010 in Saint-Lô (Normandy).

Please check the WBFSH Calender for the specific dates for qualifying sessions.