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New pedigree update file for the rankings coming soon


The correctness of and confidence in FEI/WBFSH rankings is a big issue for both the Board and the
members of WBFSH. At the joint meeting of the Board and Executive Committee in Copenhagen
on November 3rd 2009 it was decided to take renewed action on the area and line up the ways in
which to make the rankings much more correct:
(Extracts from the minutes)
“Danielle Arts explained that some studbooks and NF’s still give a new passport and
registration number when a horse is imported to their country, and that this still gives rise to
serious problems when calculating the rankings. It is important, that the studbooks when filling
in the lacking information of each horse in the FEI ranking excel file each year in late summer,
they fill in the one and only name of the horse, the name of the breed, abbreviation of the
breed and name of studbook and abbreviation of studbook, and that the implementation of
UELN within all member studbooks of the WBFSH is very urgent and a cornerstone to the
solving of this problem.
It is important that an official letter from the Board is launched describing the need for correct,
persistant, and in some years repeatedly filling-in of all the horses that belong to the
respective studbook. ….. During November and December, Danielle will try to update all the
“old” pedigree updates in the hope that these stay in the FEI system. …”
In a few days, the first new pedigree file from the FEI will be forwarded by Daniëlle Arts from KWPN
to the member studbooks for an early updating of the pedigrees of the horses. This is normally only
done once a year, but this special occasion has been arranged as a follow-up on the above
To avoid further mistakes or letting these mistakes be passed on year by year, it is very important
that the studbooks read the below instructions. In late summer 2010 (like previous years) a new FEI
data file will be forwarded with a second possibility to make updates for the newly appearing
All studbooks are asked kindly to keep the following instructions in mind each time when going
through the excel file:
BIRTH_NAME, STUDBOOKCODE, BREED and NATIONAL_ID (studbook registration_number) of
the horse. If you have other information like BIRTH_DATE, COLOUR, BREEDER, etc., this is
welcome as well.
NATIONALITY of the horse, these columns are only provided to help you in finding the right
· Don’t delete or add columns in the excel file; if you want to make a remark use the last
column “REMARK” for this.
· If you make changes in the excel file, only change them in RED. If you don’t make the
changes in RED, the FEI will ignore the changes and will not update the horse in their system!
· Always make changes in the excel file and don’t send information in other text files or just in
emails, also if you only have to update a few horses.
· When communicating with the promotion department about a horse, please use the FEI-NR
to identify the horse and not only a name or other descriptive words of the horse. When
using the FEI_NR only, we are sure we are talking about the same horse.
· Use only the correct abbreviations for studbook code and breed provided by WBFSH.
(Appendix 1) If you don’t use the correct abbreviation the FEI will not accept the changes.
· Use only the correct UELN number appointed to your database provided
by WBFSH. (appendix 2) If you don’t use the correct UELN in combination
with the breed/studbook database, the FEI will not accept the changes.
· ONLY update horses registered at birth in your studbook. Don’t update horses from other
studbooks, even if you try to be helpful, this is appreciated, but will make it more difficult.
Furthermore, it is important for the persons involved in the work with the rankings that the studbooks
acknowledge that the work of each studbook will be easier in maybe 5 years’ time, and until that it
will unfortunately remain a very time-consuming, but important work to fill in the pedigree
information each year!