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BWP Foal Championship 2009


Each year, the breeders have the pleasant, yet sometimes difficult task to choose the right sire for their mares. About a year later, when spring is in the air, the foals are born. At the end of August, some 100 foals take part at the National BWP Foal Championship.

This year, that championship takes place on Saturday, August 29, in the Riding School in Oud-Heverlee. The dressage bred foals are judged apart from the jumping orientated foals, whose male and female foals will be judged separatedly.

The Belgian Riding Pony foals and the Connemara foals have their own championship on the same day and place.

The championship is an ideal opportunity to see and compare foals from a lot of stallions, and especially to see the first crop of the stallions approved last year. This event also offers chances to bring potential buyers and breeders together.