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New Honorary Member of WBFSH


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On behalf of the Board, Jan Pedersen wanted to announce a new honorary member at the WBFSH:

“Professor Ingvar Fredricson has a distinguished career as a professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and for 15 years from 1983 to 1998 as Manager of the Swedish National Stud in Flyinge where he hosted the first WBFSH seminar in the mid 1990s. This was a memorable event for many of us both for the location, the horses, the scientific discussion and the music played with great expertise by Professor Fredricson on his clarinet. We had another memorable visit to Flyinge yesterday but without the music!

Professor Fredricson pioneered the use of high speed cinematography to analyse gaits of horses and his pioneer research in biomechanics revolutionized the design of race tracks worldwide. He has had and still has a particular interest in breeding showjumpers and in general also to improve the sport. He produced a book on showjumping horses making use of results from his cinematographic work. Furthermore, “Fredric” as he is always called among his colleagues and friends, has together with his wife Stina sired two internationally well-known showjumpers – Jens and Peter.
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Fredric has been involved with the WBFSH since before it was founded. He was one of the visionaries who attended many of the meetings that discussed the idea of setting up a Federation of Horse Breed Societies, including in particular a defining meeting attended by Princess Anne in Buckingham Palace in the late 1980s.

He has continued his involvement down the years serving the WBFSH with distinction in many different ways – e.g. as Board member and currently as a member of its audit committee. He has attended, I think, all of our General Assemblies and seminars and has brought original thinking and great common sense to many of our discussions and particularly to our more difficult decisions.

Professor Fredricson is much in demand around the world and he is very willing to give his time and share his great knowledge on many aspects of horses. He has tirelessly built a bridge between breeding and sport in the horse world.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend to the General Assembly that it award the title of Honorary Member of WBFSH to Professor Ingvar Fredricson from Sweden.”

The General Assembly approved the appointment with acclamation.

Ingvar Fredricson asked for the word and said that he very much appreciated the appointment and he was happy to see the good evolution of the WBFSH and to feel the tremendous change in atmosphere – today we go once a year to the annual meetings to meet friends. Furthermore, he emphasized the positive evolving of the seminars with new information at such high level, and that he was glad that the organisation has reached this stage with so much cooperation between studbooks and other big organisations.