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Harli Seifert Back in the Saddle


Harli Seifert with one of her many successful products Blue Hors Romanov (Photo: Kiki Beelitz).
Harli Seifert with one of her many successful products Blue Hors Romanov (Photo: Kiki Beelitz).
Successful Horse Breeder Overcomes Economic Crisis

A "Circle of Friends to Preserve the Horse Breeding Endeavors of Harli Seifert" made up of engaged people who know about breeding and economic experts has helped Harli Seifert out of difficulties that were not of her making and made a positive new beginning possible.
Thanks to a group of new sponsors, the recognized breeder can once again concentrate on her highly professional work. She will now run the business of the Harli Seifert Pferdezucht GmbH together with the experienced businessman and certified accountant, Peter Baron von le Fort, from Hamburg.
Couleur-Rubin (Photo:
Couleur-Rubin (Photo:
An excellent example of German horse breeding with a rich tradition can now continue with its internationally recognized work. Many successful horses found today at the prestigious shows around the world such as Couleur-Rubin/L.Beerbaum, Conterno-Grande/M.Kutscher, Gio Granno/F. Sloothaak, Blue Horse Romanov/A. Helgstrand, Rubin-Royal/H. Lochthowe and Rubin Cortes/H. Lochthowe testify to the outstanding power of heredity and the lasting quality of the horses bred by Harli Seifert.
More than 15 licensed stallions and at least 20 State Premium mares bred by Harli Seifert enrich Warmblood breeding all over the world. A unique track record that all began in 1976 with the outstanding event mare, Chica, alias Rudilore II.

At the private estate in Bunnen there are first class mares of the latest generation. Just in 2009, seventeen foals are expected that give good reason for high expectations.

The indoor in Lodbergen with its 53 stables will also carry on.
Not as a stallion station but as a riding and training facility to meet the highest demands.

Looking back on her breeding endeavors, Harli Seifert is especially proud of her stallions Rubin Royal by Rohdiamant and Rubin Cortes by Rubin Royal. These two stallions are being trained in Switzerland by Silvia Iklé, an experienced, international dressage rider, and presented in international dressage competitions by Hendrik Lochthowe. Rubin Royal won eight Grand Prix in 2008 alone and his son, Rubin Cortes competed in eight advanced (S) level classes when he was only seven years old.