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WBFSH Seminar - Jørgen Kold


Jørgen Kold (Photo:
Jørgen Kold (Photo:
Legislation on keeping horses in Denmark

Animal welfare is important for all animal owners, but has also become a key issue in society. Almost everybody has an interest in the subject, regardless of relations to the animals. To have a successful and well accepted animal sector, it is therefore essential to pay attention and react to the political signals from the society.

Many countries face increasing demands for legislation on animal welfare, usually initialized with legislation for the production animals, but expanding to all areas of animal keeping.

In Denmark, the horsesector has experienced a public demand for legislation on horsekeeping. A legislation has recently been implemented and has already a great impact on the horsesector. The impact rises a number of questions for the sector:

•  Is legislation the right way to secure animal welfare?
•  How should the sector interact with society on legislation?
•  To what degree can the growth of the sector be affected by legislation?
•  Is a balance between practical horsekeeping and welfare possible?
•  How can the experiences from the process in Denmark be of use?