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Blue Hors Matiné retired


Matiné's new life style (Photo:
Matiné's new life style (Photo:
Blue Hors Matiné is the name of 12 year old grey Danish Warmblood mare. This mare is one of the most viewed horses worldwide on the internet video site Youtube due to her outstanding performances in the international dressage arenas.
Since the 2007 World Cup final in Las Vegas where the mare accidentally slipped and fell on the ground she has been injured. Blue Hors Dressage has tried every possible treatment to have the mare recover and get her back into competition.
- We have tried everything for over two years now, says Blue Hors director Esben Møller, and we have often thought that she had fully recovered but at the last treatment we decided that enough was enough. If she did not fully recover this time, then she should just enjoy life as a brood mare.
The Blue Hors Dressage team has decided that it is not a decent life for such a wonderful horse to undergo several years of treatment, so it has been decided that Matiné is retired and she is already enjoying the green meadows in Denmark.
Matiné will be a brood mare and the first year she should be pregnant herself and give life to her first foal.
- It would be interestering to do embryo transfers with Matiné but this treatment can be rather stressful for a mare, and all we want is to give her a normal life. No injections and examinations, says Blue Hors' director.
As we have known her so far (Photo:
As we have known her so far (Photo:
Matiné is by the grey trakehner stallion Silvermoon, which was previously owned by Blue Hors Dressage and became Danish 6 y.o. dressage champion. The dam sire of Matiné is Kyra Kyrklund's former top performer Matador, but the most interesting fact about Matiné is her dam Matadie. Not many mares in the world get to produce several world class dressage horses but Matadie also produces Richard Davisons Olympian mount Balleseyr Royale.
Under the Danish Olympian Andreas Helgstrand Blue Hors Matiné has been incredible successful in a somewhat short career on top of international dressage being victorious in Aachen, Wiesbaden, Lingen, Gothenberg, Aarhus and at so many other big international shows.