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Annual meetings in November 2009


The annual meetings of WBFSH are now just around the corner and the entries have for some of the meetings and events rounded 100 persons. It is still possible to enrol for the meetings and tours.

Positive changes in the programme
We are very happy to welcome David Holmes, Executive Director Sports of FEI, who will speak on Equine Sport in 2015 on Wednesday, November 4th, before the participants load the busses for Flyinge. We have also succeeded in finding time for a trip to the Royal Stables in Copenhagen just before going to Carsberg Breweries on Thursday, so everybody who signed up for the tour to Carlsberg Breweries are automatically signed up for that visit as well.
The horse show at Flyinge is getting even more exciting and bursting with secrecies about quality riders and horses.

If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to visit to find our electronic reply form and additional information on the meetings, tours, etc. If you would rather use the traditional printed reply form, please contact and we will send one immediately.

You will find more updates on the Annual Meetings 2009 here.