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Delayed FEI/WBFSH Rankings


Moorland's Totilas and Edward Gal (Photo:
Moorland's Totilas and Edward Gal (Photo:
As of today the letter below has been addressed to all WBFSH members in order to explain the delay of the FEI/WBFSH rankings.

Dear members of WBFSH,

Due to technical problems within the FEI, who produces the FEI/WBFSH rankings, this year’s monthly rankings are delayed. The FEI regrets the delay and the difficulties in producing a true and fair ranking of the world’s best sport horses in dressage, jumping, and eventing. At present, in order to produce the rankings that so many people and associations have a strong interest in, the FEI has to compare results from two different databases. This seems to create technical problems. However, the FEI struggles to find a solution for this.

In October, the September rankings should be ready to be published as final standings for the FEI/WBFSH rankings. Before publishing the final rankings a major task has to be fulfilled by both the FEI and the member studbooks of WBFSH:

A large excel file must be gone through by each member studbook so that all horses in the rankings get the correct UELN, breed/studbook, sire, dam, and damsire in stead of “UNKNOWN” etc. THIS MUST BE DONE EACH YEAR BY EACH MEMBER STUDBOOK.

Procedure when correcting pedigree information etc. in the rankings:

1. Once a year (in September) FEI sends an excel file with all registered competition horses to WBFSH
2. WBFSH devides the excel file and sends it to each member studbook with only the horses belonging to this studbook + all unknown horses to all studbooks.
3. The studbook has to complete and return the pedigree data to WBFSH
4. WBFSH sends the corrected excel file with all horses to FEI
5. FEI corrects the new information in the database
6. FEI produces rankings

As this is a very comprehensive work, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the excel file coming from WBFSH and only to send in the missing/corrected information once a year.

By doing it fast and correct you do not only help the FEI and the WBFSH – you also help promoting your breed society by showing relevant and correct breed information in the rankings. Because of the above mentioned delay, the WBFSH and the FEI dearly hope that the studbooks will be very quick in responding with the returned and completed excel file from the respective studbooks in 2009, so that the Duo Breeding Prize can be handed out and celebrated as usual during late autumn in the countries of the winning horse breeders, and the winning studbooks can be celebrated at the WBFSH General Assembly in November in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Therefore, please keep an eye on the mail box in September regarding the excel file from the WBFSH Promotion Dept. and also on the news on for news around 2009 rankings.

Yours sincerely,

WBFSH Dept. Promotion : Johan Knaap and Daniëlle Arts

WBFSH Secretariat : Karina Christiansen

Vilhelmsborg Allé 1
DK- 8320 Maarslet
Tel.: +45 87475400
Fax: +45 87475410