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Breeding and Training under One Roof


Markus Gribbe / Biagotti W (Photo: Werner Ernst).
Markus Gribbe / Biagotti W (Photo: Werner Ernst).
A circle of Harli Seifert's friends and Markus Gribbe have set up a dressage horse performance center in Lodbergen.
The forward-pointing concept: Two operative fields of business that supplement each other in an ideal way. First there is Harli Seifert's traditional and highly successful breeding operation which is of the highest international level and now, brand new, a dressage horse performance center that is dedicated to classic training and teaching of dressage for rider and horse. The famous German rider, Markus Gribbe, has been engaged for this venture. His impressive professional record makes him the ideal partner for establishing and managing this performance center.
Markus Gribbe began his career in the well-known Meggle Dressage Stables. From there he went to England where he first successfully trained Laura Bechtolsheimer, bringing her up to Grand Prix. He then changed employees and worked for the famous business owner couple, Tony and Sarah Pidgley in Windsor. Also a highly successful rider, Markus Gribbe has started in many Nations Cups for Germany and has won numerous Grand Prix competitions. He is recognized the world over as a reputable trainer of first class dressage horses and also a successful trainer of riders with an outstanding feeling for his pupils and the horses he has been entrusted with. These prerequisites predestine this 45-year old dressage rider for the Dressurpferde-Leistungszentrum [Dressage Horse Performance Center] in Lodbergen, which will begin operation on March 1, 2009 not far from Harli Seifert's breeding farm in Bunnen. Interested parties will find a wide range of offers; from raising and breaking in young dressage horses to further training all the way up to Grand Prix as well as training dressage riders with their own horses – and, of course, highly talented dressage horses that are for sale. At the moment, the stables and other buildings are being brought up to state-of-the-art, but all of the services that are offered for dressage horses can now be utilized. In other words: Markus Gribbe and his team are expecting you!

The New Horse Stronghold in Oldenburg-Münsterland Under the holding company, Gestüt Bunnen Besitz GmbH, two subsidiaries will take over the operative fields of business: Pferdezucht Harli Seifert GmbH with the Gestüt in Bunnen, which will be managed by Harli Seifert and Peter Baron von le Fort, and Dressurpferde-Leistungszentrum Lodbergen GmbH which will be managed by Markus Gribbe and Peter Baron von le Fort.