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International sport horse data for genetic evaluation


PhD student Emma Thorén Hellsten.
PhD student Emma Thorén Hellsten.

At the University of Uppsala in Sweden PhD student Emma Thorén Hellsten will publicly defend her thesis on the above subject. The presentation will take place on Thursday 29th May 2008 at 13h00 at the Auditorium “Loftet” at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden.

The thesis presented comprise four studies for international publication and which have been conducted in collaboration with the Interstallion Committee and supported by a number of studbooks in different countries and the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. Prof. Odd Vangen, Norway, will be the external examiner.

As another PhD study within the same project has been conducted in France the Interstallion Committee decided to organize a seminar where the results of both studies could be presented and discussed. Furthermore, it is 10 years ago that the Horse Commission of EAAP brought to attention the needs for improved and more comparable ways for genetic evaluation of sport horses. The time has now come to review what has happened in this period as well as to look forward to future needs for research and development. For that reason a number of young scientists from different countries have been invited to present their on-going research related to genetic evaluations. The question is also what we could learn from other sectors of the horse breeding industry.

“Science and practice in sport horse breeding
– achievements and future prospects of international collaboration”

For more information on registration, participation and accommodation please contact no later than 7th May 2008.