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Young Breeder Meeting in Lyon


The WBFSH Board and Executive Committee want to support the international organisation of our young breeders.
The Young Breeders meeting is arranged at the occassion of the annual meetings in Lyon with the purpose of debating the future structure of the work of Young Breeders International, the accomplishment of future World Championships etc.
WBFSH takes pleasure in inviting one Young Breeder representative from each society to participate in the above meeting. Should your studbook be interested in having a participant at this meeting, we kindly ask you to forward a reply containing your representative’s full name, address, and email address.

The meeting will be held on Monday, November 3rd 2008 at Hotel des Congrès, Lyon. The sign-up must be received at the WBFSH secretary’s office at the latest on October 8th 2008, on email to or fax: +45 87 47 54 10.

For further information regarding the meeting we kindly refer to the contact person Hendrik Fiegel on

We hope that the Young Breeders International will have a fruitful meeting in Lyon!