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Warmblood Breeders Studbook – UK is the new name of the society, although the underlying limited company and legal entity will have no name change.

The society of British Warmblood Horses was established in 1977 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007 which was a record year with many new members and its biggest field of stallions for grading.

With many new faces and, to a degree, a need for the society to re-invent itself in its support to breeders it has been decided to change the name as a first step into the future.

All BWBS Studbook paperwork will remain recognized and valid and passport covers will not change until 2009 when a new design will be launched. This is a new name and not a new society, although there will be many new services for members including

•  A new website
•  Regional Mare Gradings and Foal Brandings
•  A Professional Newsletter
•  Young Breeders Group

“Our principal aim has not changed to support and promote excellent standards of breeding and we look forward to working with you towards the achievement of that aim.”

What was formerly known as British Warmblood Horses has now changed its administration name.

Warmblood Breeders Studbook – UK