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On this site you will find the latest news from all WBFSH members. With this service we aim to provide you with a broad insight into the worldwide sport horse breeding scene with relevant information and photos.

We feature stallion licensings, elite mare shows, foal championships, riding championships for young horses as well as we feature title winners such as Stallion of the Year and Breeder of the Year in the respective studbooks.

All news items are listed in the archives by calendar year in the menu bar on the left hand side whilst the most recent of news are listed below.

We hope you will enjoy the site and return regularly for an update on the latest breeding news.

"Future Stars 2018" – The Baltic Young Horse Show Jumping Championship
04-07-2018 - 11:37

On July 21st, 2018 the inaugural Baltic Young Horse Show Jumping Championship takes place in Latvia at the Riding centre Lielceri, in Jaunmarupe.

Developing jumper exhibition at WEG
27-06-2018 - 09:36

Have you ever been curious how young horses are evaluated at breeding championships? If you're attending the WEG 2018 Tryon NC, you'll have the opportunity to watch a demonstration

Judges & Trainers Workshop July 2018
13-06-2018 - 16:21

The IYB committee has organised the very first workshop for Judges and Trainers to being held at Blue Hors Stud Denmark on July 24th and 25th 2018.

Statement from the WBFSH Board on WFFS
08-06-2018 - 11:36

The Board of World Breeding Federation has published a statement regarding the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome.

New guidelines for WBCYH in Ermelo 2018
12-04-2018 - 13:36

The guidelines for the FEI-WBFSH Dressage World Breeding Championships for Young Horses effective as of January 2018 have now been approved and published.

A Collection of Future Top Horses
17-03-2018 - 19:25

On Sunday afternoon at the grand final of the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing the audience and the judges witness an unusually strong collection of 4-year-old stallions

31 Youngsters Approved for Testing
17-03-2018 - 19:24

At the Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning 21 dressage stallions and 10 show jumping stallions in the group of untested stallions were approved Sunday afternoon. 11 became premium stallions

Danish Warmblood Stallion of the Year 2018
11-03-2018 - 17:38

One of the highest awards a stallion can obtain in Danish Warmblood is the coveted title Stallion of the Year. This year the prestigious title goes to 12-year-old Fürstenball

Hungarian Sporthorse Breeders’ Weekend
05-02-2018 - 12:28

The Hungarian Sporthorse Breeders’ Association presents in 2018 for the fourth time the highly successful Breeders’ Weekend

CIGA pages are growing...
25-01-2018 - 13:58

Keep an eye on the activities of CIGA.

Invitation for workshop on Linear Profiling
22-01-2018 - 10:36

The fourth workshop is now open for entry! Early bird entry before January 31st, 2018.

Top 50 Sire Ranking listing Progeny
10-01-2018 - 13:02

You can now view the Rolex WBFSH Top 50 Sire Rankings (listing progeny) in dressage, show jumping and eventing online

WHIRDEC meeting in Billund - see minutes and presentations
22-12-2017 - 10:46

Many new files are available online now.

Newsletter from European Horse Network, EHN
21-12-2017 - 09:00

Read more on Equine conference in European Parliament, EU animal welfare platform, and much more

Powerpoints presentations and articles ready online
11-12-2017 - 13:42

From the many relevant presentations during the days in Billund and on Funen in Denmark at the annual meetings of the WBFSH, a lot of powerpoint presentations were shown.

Photo gallery from the annual meetings
11-12-2017 - 13:29

View some of the pictures from the 4 days in Denmark during the annual meetings of WBFSH

Fischerrocana earned breeder Glotz a new Rolex
10-12-2017 - 16:16

The eventing horse Fischerrocana has put her breeder Mirko Glotz in first place on the Rolex/WBFSH Breeders Ranking 2017 which earned him a beautiful Rolex watch as an everlasting memory of this unique achievement

Delabie receives Rolex/WBFSH ranking award
10-12-2017 - 14:15

Belgian Stefaan Delabie was honored as winner of the Rolex/WBFSH Breeders Ranking for show jumpingers having bred Halifax van het Kluizebos

The Bastians honored for breeding Weihegold
10-12-2017 - 12:16

At the CHI Geneva horse show Rolex and the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses have honored the winners of the 2017 Rolex/WBFSH Breeders Rankings for dressage horses. The award went to German Inge and Günter Bastian for the breeding of Weihegold

The 2017 Sire Rankings are online
20-11-2017 - 12:39

Who's in the lead and who's new in Top 10? Have you checked out the new Rolex WBFSH Sire Rankings in dressage, show jumping and eventing?

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