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Zepter will be undefeatable next year

Behind any brilliant horse there is a brilliant breeder, which is also the case with the couple behind Blue Hors Zepter, which is presently making his way into the absolute world elite

Britta and Bernhard Sieverding.
d. 23-01-2019 - 15:02

In 2018, Blue Hors Zepter and Daniel Bachmann Andersen entered the international dressage scene and steadily worked their way up the FEI world dressage rankings to an impressive 18th place through only five internationals shows in Dortmund, Hagen, Uggerhalne, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt. In 2018, they celebrated several victories in Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special, the most recent being a Grand Prix at the 4-star show in Frankfurt with 78,543% - beating German top riders such as Kristina Bröring-Sprehe, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Isabell Werth, Hubertus Schmidt, Dorothe Schneider, etc. In their first World Cup-qualifier in Stuttgart, they achieved an impressive 81.190% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.


Anyone can buy a champion title foal
The now 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Blue Hors Zepter, is by the elite stallion and Grand Prix dressage horse, Blue Hors Zack with the mare Who’s Sunlight by Wolkentanz II/Silvio I as dam. He was bred by Bernhard Sieverding in Germany and purchased by Blue Hors as a foal.
Full of keen expectations to the Zack offspring, Esben Møller from the Blue Hors stud visited Britta and Bernhard Sieverding in Twistringen a summer day in 2008. Bernhard remembers that the sun was shining bright and his wife was serving home baked cake on the garden porch. Esben knew he had to have the chestnut colt by Blue Hors Zack/Wolkentanz II. Seated at the coffee table, we reached an agreement and Esben did not have any doubts to the purchase, Berhard Sieverding explains and adds: He had a good eye. Anyone can buy a prize foal but only few are able themselves to spot a future star.
The horses from Twistringen
Bernhard Sieverding grew up on the farm where his dad was a farmer before him and where he has now run an intensive breeding programme for the last 30 years. He and Britta are now full time horse breeders and produce 15-20 foals besides investing in 5-10 good foals every year.
They breed on different mare lines of which Zepter’s line is represented by three brood mares. They also breed on the Schockolade-mare line which has produced among others the WBCYH-winner Don Martillo and the German national team rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl’s GP-horse Ferdinand BB by Florencio I/Lanciano also derives from Britta and Bernhard’s stud where several licensed stallions and advanced-level dressage horses have been born.
Foals and youngsters grow up in communal systems and the youngsters are broken in and trained at home with assistance from the son Andreas Müller. Several of the promising youngsters are put in training with Isabel Werth’s student, Beatrice Keller.
One of the young colts that Bernhard Sieverding has particular hopes for is a 2-year-old which in many ways resembles Zepter. He is bred from Zepter’s mare line by Fürst Jazz/Sir Donnerhall/De Niro/Wolkentanz II – he will go all the way, the breeder expects.
Fan of the Zack-dynasty
Bernhard Sieverding and Esben Møller have known each other for many years and Bernhard regards Esben as a friend more than a business partner. We appreciate the same types of horses. I once had a stallion by Prince Thatch xx that Esben took an interest in and we have kept in contact ever since, Bernhard says. He also remembers sharing the huge experience at WEG 2006 in Aachen when Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matiné won silver.
Bernhard has used Blue Hors stallions in his breeding since he met Esben and Zack is by far the most used stallion at the stud in Twistringen. Last year, they had foals by Blue Hors Zackery, which they also favour highly and Bernhard is not afraid to declare himself fan of the Zack-dynasty.

– It is of significant importance to us breeders that we can be sure that the stallions get the best possibilities of doing well in the sport. The sires being successful in sport as well is particularly important when you make a living by selling the offspring, he says.
Britta and he have travelled to Blue Hors on several occasions and visit the foal championship every summer to see the Danish foals and in particular the foals by the younger stallions.


The largest advertising billboard for our breeding
Britta and Bernhard keenly follow the results of Zepter and if they are unable to be present at the large German shows, they watch Daniel and Zepter’s rides on Clipmyhorse.
Esben bought Zepter as a stallion prospect. He has always believed in the horse and he has always claimed that this horse will appear on television someday – and he was right, Bernhard concludes.

Zepter was presented for pre-selection and was selected for the stallion grading but a broken coffin bone put an end to those plans and instead, he spent time on healing and finish growing.
Britta and Bernhard explain that, for them as breeders, it is of utmost importance that their offspring are handed over to the proper hands where they get the best conditions and possibilities.
At Blue Hors, they have managed the upbringing and education of Zepter magnificently and it is a great honour and pleasure for us that Daniel is riding our offspring. Zepter is the largest advertising billboard for our breeding and next year I doubt that anyone will be able to defeat him, Bernhard Sieverding concludes.


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