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On this site you will find the latest news from all WBFSH members. With this service we aim to provide you with a broad insight into the worldwide sport horse breeding scene with relevant information and photos.

We feature stallion licensings, elite mare shows, foal championships, riding championships for young horses as well as we feature title winners such as Stallion of the Year and Breeder of the Year in the respective studbooks.

All news items are listed in the archives by calendar year in the menu bar on the left hand side whilst the most recent of news are listed below.

We hope you will enjoy the site and return regularly for an update on the latest breeding news.

News on seminar and workshop in Saumur
26-09-2019 - 10:56

This year the overall topic of seminar and workshop will be development of “WBFSH International Breeding Value” – a new great, though challenging, project.

General Assembly motions and updated agenda
25-09-2019 - 09:22

Motions have been received from Studbook La Silla and from Board of WBFSH, and the workshop program on International Breeding Values is ready.

Three new world championships
22-09-2019 - 19:41

LANAKEN: It has been a magnificent day of finals of the LONGINE FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in show jumping at Zangersheide on this sunny September day

Ireland wins consolation for 5-year-olds
21-09-2019 - 20:11

It was the Irish Kevin Gallagher who took home the victory in 56.59 seconds in the consolation class for 5-year-old horses

Cassoe steals the victory in the 6 y.o. consolation
21-09-2019 - 20:06

The consolation for 6-year-old horses was won by the Danish Stine Cassoe and the DWB mare Samba's Survivor H 

Mantel tops consolation for 7-year-olds
21-09-2019 - 19:59

Laura Mantel wins the consolation class for 7-year-old horses. 194 combinations gave their all in the consolation class for 7-year-old horses today. 

Belgium leads the way in the 7-year-olds
20-09-2019 - 21:22

Today the Belgian riders managed the second qualifier of the FEI WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championships for 7-year-old horses. 

Irish victory in the 6-year-old horses
20-09-2019 - 21:21

Last year Ireland managed to claim the entire podium in the finals for 5-year-old horses, and today they also claimed victory in the second qualification for 6-year-old horses today

47 combinations to final for 5-year-old horses
20-09-2019 - 21:12

Today 97 combinations jumped a clear round in the class for 5-year old horses

Cassius Clay VDV is 2019 Sire of the World
20-09-2019 - 18:33

56 stallion and their riders took part in the Sires of the World 2019 Grand Prix this afternoon where the Zangersheide stallion Cassius Clay VDV claimed the victory

73 clear 5-year-olds
19-09-2019 - 20:32

243 competitors took their chances in the first qualifier for 5-year-old horses on the Almé Z arena

Czech victory in 6-year-olds' qualifier
19-09-2019 - 19:33

No less than 265 horses participated in the first qualifier for 6-year-old horses in Zangersheide. 85 of them managed to jump up a double clear round

Italy topping 7-year-olds' field
19-09-2019 - 18:33

201 combinations appeared at the start in the first qualification for 7-year old horses in which no less than 57 combinations noted a double clear round. 

The latest rankings are available
19-09-2019 - 13:07

The latest WBFSH Studbooks and Breeders Rankings, which include the results from the European Championships in late August, are now available online

Ready for the FEI/WBFSH championships
18-09-2019 - 13:29

Domein Zangersheide in Lanaken, Belgium is definitely “the place to be” for the show jumping world the rest of this week where the show will be hosting the LONGINES FEI/WBFSH Young Horse Championships for 5-, 6- and 7-year-old show jumping horses

When was the General Assembly in...?
17-09-2019 - 10:56

Each year the General Assembly of the WBFSH gathers a lot of people from the sport horse breeding world. During the years it evolved into also having seminars and workshops. But when were we in Mexico? and when were we in Italy?

We have made a list for you of all the WBFSH General Assemblies up through the decades.

Deadlines for motions, vote authorizations, etc.
09-09-2019 - 14:20

Today the WBFSH has forwarded to all members an email stating a number of deadlines for receiving motions, nominations for Board, and studbook voting authorizations.

Deadline for entry at the WBFSH General Assembly
04-09-2019 - 15:15

Remember to sign up for the WBFSH General Assembly and Seminar in Saumur, France 2019, at the latest on Friday, September 6th.

Gala dinner in ancient caves!
04-09-2019 - 15:11

In October the WBFSH holds its annual meetings in France. With the associations of Selle Francais and Anglo Arabe as hosts new exciting experiences awaits you in beautiful France!

Wilken Treu changes to Hannover
02-09-2019 - 13:20

Verden. Wilken Treu, the previous breeding and managing director of the Westphalian Stud Book in Münster changes to the Hannoveraner Verband and will take over the position of managing director which has been vacant since May. He will take up the new position on December 1st, 2019

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