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On this site you will find the latest news from all WBFSH members. With this service we aim to provide you with a broad insight into the worldwide sport horse breeding scene with relevant information and photos.

We feature stallion licensings, elite mare shows, foal championships, riding championships for young horses as well as we feature title winners such as Stallion of the Year and Breeder of the Year in the respective studbooks.

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Sensational Sezuan-sisters
08-08-2016 - 14:46

Two full sisters of triple world champion Sezuan made a clean sweep at the Danish Warmblood saddle grading this weekend on Funen

Herwart v. d. Decken-Show featuring peak quality
05-08-2016 - 14:33

Verden. The Herwart v. d. Decken-Show was the amazing opening of the International Dressage and Show Jumping Festival with the best three-year-old Hanoverian mares being celebrated by audience and judges

The wow-factor of world champion Sezuan
31-07-2016 - 19:42

He was already a two-fold world champion, and the Danish Warmblood-stallion again proved to be invincible in the first Longines World Breeding Dressage Championships for seven-year-old horses

A remarkable championship in Ermelo
31-07-2016 - 19:09

President of the WBFSH, Jan Pedersen expresses his enthusiasm about the impeccable venue in Ermelo and the outstanding quality of the horses at this years FEI/WBFSH World Young Horse Championships

Fiontini - now a double world champion
31-07-2016 - 15:37

She received a 10 for perspective: Fiontini, the daughter of Fassbinder that was already crowned world champion in the previous edition

Dressage Stallion of the Year: Vitalis
31-07-2016 - 10:10

The Freestyle to Music for stallions of eight years and older was, just like the Prix St. George on Thursday, won by the Vivaldi-stallion Vitalis

Victoria's Secret new World Champion
30-07-2016 - 18:27

Rhineland has a new world champion: The tall dark chestnut mare Victoria's Secret won the world championships for 5-year-olds in Ermelo today under the saddle of Beatrice Buchwald

Six more finalist for sunday
30-07-2016 - 14:42

The consolidation finals for 6- and 7-year-old horses Saturday gave way to three more 6-year-old finalists and three more 7-year-olds in the final

Fiontini did it again
29-07-2016 - 21:21

Last year's 5-year-old champion, the Danish mare Fiontini, has won the qualification for 6-year-olds just like she won the qualification in Verden last year

Three more 5-year-old finalists
29-07-2016 - 16:20

The top 12 of yesterday's 5-year-old horses made it to the finals and today another three finalist were to be named in the consolation final

Veni vidi vici
29-07-2016 - 13:21

Sezuan came, saw and conquered. In today's qualification for 7-year-olds the former double world champion Sezuan won very comfortably

Victoria's Secret victorious in the qualifier
28-07-2016 - 17:54

45 horses have been competing in the qualifier for 5-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo today where a German bred mare took the victory

The World Championships in Ermelo has kicked off
28-07-2016 - 10:57

The FEI/WBFSH World Championships for young dressage horses aged 5, 6 and 7 are taking place in Ermelo, the Netherlands for the first time and have started this morning with the 5-year-olds

New June rankings published
25-07-2016 - 10:26

You will now find the new rankings for 30th June online and you will find some changes in the studbook rankings

Oldenburg's Champion Mares Crowned
25-07-2016 - 10:26

Oldenburg's queen mares have been crowned. A stand-alone event in former times, the Elite Broodmare Show has been an integral part of the Oldenburg State Show, enchanting spectators in Rastede's Schlosspark for the eleventh year now

Ermelo participants published
21-07-2016 - 11:23

ERMELO – The FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses will be organised on the National Equestrian Centre in Ermelo from 28 to 31 July. By now, all the competitors of this prestigious world championship are known. No less than 97 riders, coming from 26 countries, presenting 111 horses will make their appearance at the event where sports and breeding come together

Summary of annual member reports for 2015
19-07-2016 - 14:28

Two years ago the Board decided to expand the annual foal number report into a report with additional breed information, and all members have received the WBFSH Annual Member/Studbook Report for 2015 by email to be filled in and returned. 

UPDATED - as per July 27th

The Dutch representatives for Ermelo
18-07-2016 - 11:49

The Dutch have name the 18 young dressage horses to compete at this year's World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo

Newsletter from European Horse Network July 2016
14-07-2016 - 09:26

The European Horse Network just sent us a newsletter. Read more on Brexit influences, a new member, responsible ownership, and much more.

Programme for Ermelo now available
11-07-2016 - 09:02

ERMELO – The prestigious FEI/WBSFH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses is just around the corner

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