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On this site you will find the latest news from all WBFSH members. With this service we aim to provide you with a broad insight into the worldwide sport horse breeding scene with relevant information and photos.

We feature stallion licensings, elite mare shows, foal championships, riding championships for young horses as well as we feature title winners such as Stallion of the Year and Breeder of the Year in the respective studbooks.

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The stallion pre-selections
25-09-2017 - 12:18

Have you planned your stallion licensing tour? Right now several German studbooks stallion are executing their pre-selections for the stallion licinsings this autumn and winter

Third world champion title for Dayro Arroyave
24-09-2017 - 19:36

Columbian Dayro Arroyave has previously won the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championship for 5- and 6-year-old horses, and tonight he added a new title as he won the gold medal in the 7-year-old finals

Gerard O'Neil claimed second world title
24-09-2017 - 16:36

Last year's winning rider of the 6-year-old finals also won the FEI/WBFSH world Breeding Championships for 6-year-old jumping horses - this time with the mare Columbcille Gipsy

Chilli - an invincible and very fast mare
24-09-2017 - 12:35

British Pippa Goddard rode the DTPF bred mare Chili to an impressive victory in the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championships for 5-year-old finals

These are the finalists at Zangersheide
23-09-2017 - 15:07

Two exciting days of qualifications at the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Show Jumping Horses have come to an end, and we can now present the finalists

Second day of qualifications
22-09-2017 - 17:59

Friday was the second day of qualifications for 5-, 6- and 7-year old horses at the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championships in Lanaken, Belgium

Sire of the World 2017: Jupiter VG
22-09-2017 - 17:42

50 stallions competed in the prestigeous show jumping class "Sire of the World 2017" this afternoon. Only 8 y.o. BWP stallion Jupiter VG claimed the coveted title

The best young jumpers meet at Zangersheide
21-09-2017 - 19:07

Once again the magnificent facilities at Zangersheide in Lanaken, Belgium set the frame of the FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Championships for Young Show Jumpers

What to do in November....
14-09-2017 - 10:22

How about a visit to Denmark for the WBFSH Annual meetings?

Weishaupt won the Rolex Grand Prix
11-09-2017 - 12:54

Spruce Meadows, Canada – The CP ‘International’, presented by Rolex has been won by Germany’s Philipp Weishaupt riding LB Convall at the CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’, one of the toughest Grand Prix on the global equestrian circuit. Luciana Diniz from Portugal riding Fit For Fun 13 was second and McLain Ward from the United States riding HH Azur came in third

Summary from seminar in Sweden
05-09-2017 - 10:38

From the seminar in Sweden during the European Championships we have received a summary and a link to the recording of the seminars.

Danish Warmblood Mares of the Year
30-08-2017 - 16:19

At the Danish Warmblood Equsana Elite Show the best young mares from all over the country gather to compete for the champion titles of the year. Four 3-year-old saddle-graded mares were awarded a gold medal

The future generation of DWB mares
30-08-2017 - 13:31

It is a popular tradition to present 2-year-old filles for evalution on conformation and gaits or free-jumping, and the best from all over the country gather at the Elite Show to compete for the champion titles

The Danish Foal Champions of 2017
30-08-2017 - 11:07

At the Danish Warmblood Elite Show at Vilhelmsborg four foal champion titles have been appointed

Two 10s for world champion Lordswood Dancing Diamond
06-08-2017 - 19:34

Concluding the FEI / WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships, the final for the six-year-old dressage horses took place this afternoon. This final was again an exciting one

A battle between stallions
06-08-2017 - 14:51

This morning the final of the FEI/WBFSH WORLD BREEDING DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS for five-year-olds took place. Both the qualifiers and the small final forecasted a dream final with lots of quality

Another triple world champion from Denmark
05-08-2017 - 18:53

For the third consecutive year the Danish Warmblood mare succeed in winning the gold medal beautifully steared through her test by Spanish Severo Jurado Lopez

Another three 5-year-old finalist
05-08-2017 - 15:14

The field of 15 five-year-old finalists is now complete. Riders from Denmark, Sweden and Belgium succeeded in getting a place in the finals on Sunday

Three more 7-year-old finalists
04-08-2017 - 19:04

ERMELO: After the small final for 7-year-olds the final field of 15 finalists are now known. Among the three qualified through the small final is today's winning horse, aTrakehner from Luxemburg

12 six-year-old finalists are lined up
04-08-2017 - 19:00

ERMELO: After the second heat in the 6-year-olds qualifier we now know the names of the first 12 finalists. Today a new horse came in the lead

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