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NEW on the annual meetings - video clips from Lego House

Lego House is one of the very interesting sites that we are going to visit during the annual meetings in Denmark. Last week the official opening of Lego House took place - we have found some videos to trick your curiosity...

Lego House can be seen in the dark if you fly in to Billund during the night... 8 light rays beam up from the "top brick" of Lego House.
d. 02-10-2017 - 14:47

At Lego House they expect up to 250,000 visitors per year - by participating in the WBFSH annual meetings in November you will be one of the first to experience it!


Click here and find video clips from Lego House; the planning and idea partly commented by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and sneak-peak on roundtrips.