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WBFSH General Assembly as web-conference

It is with regret that the board of the WBFSH announces that the WBFSH Annual Meetings 2020 will not take place as planned in Germany but will be held via an online format

d. 21-07-2020 - 13:11

With the impact of Covid-19 and the resulting continued uncertainties, the board feels it is better to use an online format for the WBFSH General Assembly this year. The decision has been made to allow for planning to proceed, since a change of plan in case of a short-term cancellation would significantly complicate matters.

The WBFSH General Assembly 2020 will take place by web-conference, as originally planned, on Wednesday 14th October 2020 (time TBC). More information will follow in the coming weeks, since provisions need to be made for the general assembly itself, and for a potential vote, which still needs to be anonymous and democratic, as well as taking the usual weighting of studbook votes into account.

The remaining program of the annual meeting will be deferred to 2021. The WBFSH gives thanks the host of the 2020 Annual Meetings, the DSP Studbooks, for their understanding and support. They have graciously accepted hosting the 2021 WBFSH Annual Meetings. We look forward to seeing our studbook representatives again in person in Dresden (Germany) next year, for valuable and fun days of networking, as well as the informative seminars and workshops that are usually held during the event. 
Please check our website on a regular basis for updates.


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