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New format to SCSL stallion selection

The Studbook de Cheval de Selle Luxembourgeois (SCSL) has introduced a new format to its stallion selection as of 2020. For both jumping-bred and dressage-bred stallions, the format will no longer include free jumping. The licensing will take place over three phases, which always take place in February (as of 2020)

Riding and breeding Center KNAUF in Huldange, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
d. 20-03-2020 - 15:52

During Phase One all stallions turning three that year are presented in-hand on solid ground, and evaluated based on type, walk and trot. Indoor loose movement allows for evaluation of trot and canter. The jury decides which stallions can go on to participate in Phase Two the following year (again February).

In Phase Two, the now four-year-old stallions are again evaluated in-hand (type, walk, trot) and assessed under saddle for their basic gaits. Jumping-bred stallions need to complete an age-appropriate jumping course.


Phase Three, for 5-year-old stallions or older, requires them to present performance test or competition results. Presentation in-hand takes place again, as well as loose movement and presentation under saddle, requiring to demonstrate age-appropriate levels of training.


At all three phases of the licensing process, X-rays are examined. Only after successful completion of phase three will a stallion be granted fully licensed status.


The main goal of implementing the new system is to allow horses to be brought up in a more horse-appropriate manner. The new format means that stabling of 2-year-old stallions as of 1 July is avoided, since they will only participate in the licensing process in February/March at the age of three.


For more information refer to the documents published by SCSL - Document 1 and Document 2.