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Stallion Semen Traceability Forum

The coming WBFSH General Assembly will reveal a new format through a forum which will take place on Friday 18th from 11:30 to 13:00. The subject of that forum is Stallion Semen Traceability.

One of the interesting meetings at the WBFSH visit at Cadre Noir during the annual meetings in October is the Semen Traceability forum.
d. 26-09-2019 - 10:57

The importance of this item arose from several warnings in Europe during the latest years around semen market, traceability, foal registration, new zootechnical regulations, etc. And more recently, in the Breeding News editions (271, 272, 273 ), it appears that this subject reveals some issues within EU and even North America.


Positions, point of views, issues, consequences might be different if you are a stallion owner, a breeder, or a stud book - but we are all concerned. This is also arranged in continuity of meetings initiated in 2018 with stallion owner/distributors and WBFSH to figure out how to deal with these questions regarding semen traceability.


The plan is to involve the participation of professionals from the equine sector (stallions owners and studbooks mainly).


Introduction to agenda items

1. EU zootechnical regulations: Mandatory documents for traceability of genetic material (semen, oocytes, embryos) and for registration of foals

2. Management issues and resale of semen, resale of embryos,

multiplication of products from a small quantity of semen

3. The Semen Sale contract; limited security a priori

4. Different Studbook Position: Role and involvement of studbooks through breeding programs

5. Round Table 1st Open discussion with assembly

6. Conclusion: Which solution a posteriori

7. Guide of Good Practices between stallion owners, studbooks, and WBFSH


The main goal is to have an open discussion on the subject; find a way to work all together in a global breeding world where breeding techniques, breeding sales, EU regulation, etc. all move very fast ignited by different interests like economics, studbook breeding programs, and the promotion of young stallions.


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