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Deadlines for motions, vote authorizations, etc.

Today the WBFSH has forwarded to all members an email stating a number of deadlines for receiving motions, nominations for Board, and studbook voting authorizations.

The General Assembly 2019 will take place at the Cadre Noir
d. 09-09-2019 - 14:20
  • Motions of the members or associate members must be submitted to the WBFSH by no later than Friday 20th September 2019 in order to be published on the WBFSH website.
  • Nominations for Election of the Board must be submitted by no later than Monday 23rd September 2019.
      • Retiring and eligible for re-election for a 3-year period; Jan Pedersen (President) and Stephan Kelchtermans (Dept Finance)   
      • Board members eligible for re-election must also submit a nomination letter from the studbook they represent.
      • The nominations will be published on the WBFSH website.
  • Voting registrations – return by no later than Friday 11th October 2019.  
      • If you are voting for your studbook, please complete and return the Vote Authorisation form. Please indicate also if you are voting on behalf of a studbook that is not able to attend in person.
      • If your studbook will not be represented in person at the GA, but you nominate another studbook to vote as your proxy, please complete and return the Proxy sheet.
      • Please note: The calculations for assigning a weighted vote to each studbook are based on a three year average of the foal registration numbers in your country. If there are statistics missing, this will negatively influence your studbook’s allocated vote. Statistics that have been incorrectly completed on the annual report forms cannot be used (calculations are made with whole numbers only, rounding to the nearest place is permitted if exact numbers are not known)


The WBFSH website will be continuously updated over the coming weeks with information pertaining to the general assembly. Please check back regularly to make sure you do not miss any information.

The files regarding General Assembly can be found here.