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A unique and versatile breed

The Thoroughbred is a unique and versatile breed that has influenced modern sport horse breeding worldwide. After the Covid-19 pushed the pause button on the world in the second quarter of 2020, this week the WBFSH World Rankings that are published on a monthly basis have finally kicked off again

Thoroughbred stallion. Foto: Bach Jensen.
d. 16-07-2020 - 14:26

Taking a look at the eventing breeder rankings, the horses in the first 4 places are three thoroughbreds and one thoroughbred-cross. Historically thoroughbreds have always been strong in eventing, favoured for their stamina and heart. This is also why thoroughbreds were frequently used to refine the warmblood, to produce the athletic modern horses that characterise the sport today, not just in eventing, but in jumping and dressage as well.

The Jockey Club is not a WBFSH studbook, as its aim is not to breed performance horses for the Olympic disciplines, but the influence and success of the thoroughbred in disciplines other than racing is far-reaching. Therefore, the WBFSH supports this initiative of the University of Sydney, that explores the development of new tools that can link specific equine personalities to each particular discipline. 

They have designed a study to collect behavioural data from as many horses and breeds as possible across all equine disciplines, to gain a better understanding of the most desirable behavioural characteristics within each equine disciplines, thus allowing for retiring thoroughbreds to be more successfully transitioned into secondary careers. 

Please take the time to complete the University of Sydney’s questionnaire. It only takes approximately 5 minutes.