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The WBFSH Rankings are back

The competition venues have opened and horse shows are running again which means that the WBFSH Rankings again are published monthly

The breeders of the ranking winners were honored at the Longines WBFSH Awards 2019 in Lyon, France.
d. 08-07-2020 - 14:06

While the world came to a standstill during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the highways and the skies were empty, the competition venues quiet, our breeders were still out there, early in the morning and late in the evening, tending to their mares and foals. The horses born this season and next, will start to peak in sport only in about 10-12 years’ time. All breeders know the common adage – “Breeding takes time and is done in generations”. They work quietly behind the scenes, often unseen and unperceived. Many can tell a story or two about the storms they have weathered, often with heartbreak when something goes wrong with the mare or the foal, and about the dedication and devotion that goes with the game. 

Competitions are starting to take place again and so the WBFSH rankings, which were paused for a few months, have regained activity. Many of you will know that the WBFSH run on a fixed 12-month cycle that starts in October every year. We don’t start publishing our rankings until about half way through the cycle, to ensure that a certain level of points have been accrued and a number of horses appear in the rankings. With the pause in competitions, we had a delay in starting the monthly publishing of our rankings, but now we are ready to go!

In the dressage breeder rankings (June 2020), Zuchtgemeinschaft Strunk are in first position. Yes, they won the Longines WBFSH Dressage Breeder of the Year Award last year for breeding Bella Rose WESTF (Belissimo M / Cacir AA), ridden by the great Isabell Werth. They start off at the top of the rankings for breeding another one of Isabell’s stars – Emilio 107 WESTF (Ehrenpreis / Cacir AA), who is out of the same damline, going back to Pik Dame.

In the jumping breeder rankings the highest ranked breeder is Eline Tack (BEL), for breeding the BWP King of Diamonds (Prince van de Wolfsakker / Rubioso N). King of Diamonds was ranked 1149 in our final rankings last year, so it is a tremendous jump into first place for our first monthly ranking of the 2020 cycle. But he’ll have to work hard to keep that place. He has been jumping mainly in the 1.45m CSI2* competitions in Damascus SYR, since the start of the 2020 WBFSH Ranking cycle. He competed in Tetouan MAR in the beginning of October last year, which is the start of the WBFSH cycle, in the CSI4*-W at 1.60m and 1.50m level but was not placed. Currently his highest placing in the 1.50m was in January 2019, where he was first in the 1.50m CSI4* in Abu Dhabi UEA.


Looking through the top 25 of the jumping breeder rankings of June 2020, you will find that three of the are bred by Gestüt Lewitz, Germany, and also three of the horses in the top 25 are sired by the Mecklenburger stallion Chacco-Blue.

In the eventing breeder rankings, the highest placed breeders from a WBFSH studbook is J.M. Schurink (NED), placed fifth for breeding the KWPN gelding Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam (Quidam / Amethyst), who is ridden by Kevin McNab. Don Quidam joined the Scuderia team in 2019. He is a grandson of Quidam de Revel who, among his many achievements, also boasted an excellent ranking at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

To quote the Scuderia team, “These expectations did not disappoint when Kevin McNab got in the saddle. Their meeting was love at first sight. A horse of his calibre can only convey what he has, and Kevin has managed to pull a champion out of this horse with a reserved but strong personality.” As per validated results in the FEI database, the pair most recently competed in March in Portugal at the CCI4*-S, taking second place. 

WBFSH Studbooks and Breeders Rankings 2020.