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Saumur presentations online on video

We have launched a new WBFSH YouTube Channel where we share interesting and useful videos such as some of the presentations and discussions at the Annual Meetings 2019 in Saumur

d. 04-02-2020 - 12:33

Accessible on our YouTube Channel right now are the videos pertaining to the International Breeding Values Seminars, the panel discussion and workshop from the Annual Meetings 2019 in Saumur.


The following videos are currently accessible:


Introduction to the WBFSH Meetings by the hosts (SBSF & ANNA)


Introduction to International Breeding Values


Interstallion Presentation


InterBull - International Breeding Values in the Cattle Industry (Dr Reinhard Reents)


Performance in Show Jumping


Experiences and Results from Nordic InterStallion Project


Workshop on WBFSH International Breeding Values - WBFSH Annual Meetings 2019


Panel Discussion on IBVs - WBFSH Annual Meetings 2019


In addition, the video on the forum of Semen Traceability can also be watched on our YouTube Channel.