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Conclusions from IBV workshop groups in Saumur

Following the seminar and workshops during the WBFSH annual meetings in Saumur, France in October, the conclusions from all 3 workshops have now been collected in one file, and our working groups will pave the way to new possibilities to compare stallions' inheritance

Reinhard Reents and Jan Philipson are renowned Experts from the cattle industry. They were speakers at the seminar and supervisors at the WBFSH IBV workshops in Saumur, France.
d. 21-11-2019 - 10:35

Many stallions are used in multiple studbooks which causes that information on horses and their offspring are spread over several studbooks thereby making it difficult to get a complete overview of for example the inheritance of stallions. 


Therefore, the WBFSH IBV seminar at the annual meetings in France was followed up by a workshop session where the delegates were parted into groups applying to which group would be the most relevant to their studbook. The workshop program can be found here for information.

We are pleased to publish the file containing the conclusions from all 3 workshop groups and a recommendation from the supervisors here.


We will now look forward to kick off this revolutionizing project in the beginning of 2020.