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Guidelines on how to set up a studbook organisation

Worldwide, equestrian sport is growing. And where there is sport, inevitably there is breeding. Several queries during the years have indicated that there was a need for guidelines, and the Executive Committee and general manager of WBFSH has therefore published a document for this purpose.

Breeding sport horses is very much focussed on getting foals and having them named and registered. But there is a lot of documentation around it that need to be carried out as well.
d. 18-11-2019 - 08:38

From time to time, the WBFSH receives queries about how to set up a studbook and become a member of the WBFSH. Mostly these queries come from outside Europe, from countries where the sport is developing and where the need for a formalised breeding structure is recognised. The WBFSH statutes give an indication of the requirements a studbook needs to meet to be a member. And also the WBFSH membership profile of application form stipulates the criteria a studbook must meet. But the development and running of a studbook is far more intricate than that.


Circumstances in different parts of the world and in different countries may vary greatly, influencing breeding and how an organisation is set up or able to operate. But there are some aspects that are universal. With this in mind, the WBFSH has drawn up a document of guidelines on how to set up a studbook organisation. This is a starting point and the WBFSH is happy to provide additional guidance on an ad-hoc basis in the process of an organisation wanting to become a formalised studbook.


Go to the WBFSH guidelines on how to set up a studbook.