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Results from Young Breeders World Championships 2019

At the Austrian Horse Center Stadl-Paura, young breeders representing 20 breeding associations from 9 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden and the United States of America) competed at the 2019 WBFSH. World Championships of International Young Breeders.

Young Breeders World Championships 2019 were held in Austria
d. 25-07-2019 - 09:53

Young breeders representing the Hannoveraner Verband won the Juniors Age Class (16-19 years) as well as the Senior Age Class (20-25 years) earning them the overall studbook world champion title. Four starters per age group were eligible to participate, of which the best three starters were scored for team rankings. In both age class team rankings the Holsteiner teams were silver medal winners. The junior team bronze medal went to Brandenburg-Anhalt, while the organising association from Austria, the Central Association of Austrian Horse Breeders, achieved the bronze medal in the Seniors.


Very talented young breeders

Success in the theory phase of the championships laid the foundation for a successful overall result. Five of the six individual medal winners achieved 100% in their theory tests

In the individual rankings all medals went to German breeding associations. In the juniors Laura Schuldt (Hannover) won gold ahead of Nele Habermann (Hannover) silver and Marie Jurga from Brandenburg-Anhalt bronze. Among the Seniors, Leonie Tronnier from Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar won gold ahead of Johanna Boysen from Holstein silver and Wiebke Poppe from Hanover bronze.

In the individual disciplines of conformation assessment and athleticism assessment the medals were earned by a variety of breeding associations:

In athleticism assessment seniors Sophie Asp (Danish Warmblood) earned third place jointly with Denise Biedermann (Bayern) behind second place Leonie Tronnier and first place Emily Menzenbach, both from Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar. Sophia Malter (Trakehner) earned first place in the senior conformation assessment ahead of second placed Johanna Boysen (Holstein) and multiple joint thirds Nikki Jantzen (KWPN), Anja Thorup Hansen (Danish Warmblood), Clara Strandberg Zarotti and Katarina Karlsson (both Swedish Warmblood). The two national judges (names???) and the international judges Ira Hagemann and Katie Holder-Vale had not made it easy for the young breeders. In the in-hand presentation discipline seniors Isabel Fütz was first ahead of her team-mate Lara Luise Treu both from Sachsen-Thuringen second, and joint second to Elisa Bischoff (Baden-Württemberg).

Nicoline Holm Larsen of the Danish Warmblood earned third place jointly with Claudia Jacobs (Swedish Warmblood) and Dani Riendau (Canada) in the athleticism assessment of the juniors behind second place Sandy Knudnsen (Danish Warmblood) and first place Maike Reuter (Westfalen). Lisa Ernst (Sachsen-Thuringen) earned first place in the junior conformation assessment ahead of joint second placed Jana Celine Wulf (Holstein) and Mate Lehmann (Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar) Among the younger starters in the horse presentation Laura Schuldt from Hanover won in front of second placed Leon Pferdmenges (Rheinland) and joint third placed Madita Wohlers (Holstein) and Marie Jurga (Brandenburg)

In the margins of the competition, the meeting of the International Young Breeders' organisation (IYB) took place, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Here Carolin Kathmann of the Oldenburger Verband was re-elected in her office as a treasurer. Vice President Lieve de Greeff of the Belgium Warmblood association was also re-elected in office. The President of the IYB Inken Countess von Platen-Hallermund thanked Verena Nowak, President of the Austrian Young Breeders, for the excellent preparation and delivery of the event: "A worthy World Championships, everyone felt very welcome. Performances in the supporting programme have given everyone an impressive insight into the diversity and tradition of Austrian horse breeding." In 2021, the World Championship will be held by the Royal Dutch breeding association KWPN in Ermelo, Netherlands.

All results and photos at Photos of the competitors of the individual associations can also be ordered directly from Hans Kraus (0043 664 1315711 /


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