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Minutes from General Assembly 2018 online

"2018 has been busy, interesting, frustrating, exhilarating, disappointing and inspiring. The equestrian world is multifarious and very complex and thus, to people like us very attractive.  ..." This is how the President started when presenting the activity reports of the WBFSH departments at the General Assembly 2018 in beautiful Budapest.

More than 90 delegates joined the General Assembly and seminars during the informative and exciting days in Hungary in December 2018. President of WBFSH Jan Pedersen, Denmark, is responsible for the main office at Vilhelmsborg together with secretary of WBFSH, Karina Christiansen.
d. 05-04-2019 - 10:28

Thoughts of the future, who applied for membership, who became members, revenue, comments and much more is brought in the minutes.

Find the minutes from the General Assembly 2018 here.