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The Members and Associate Members

By December 21st, the WBFSH has 76 members and 3 associates.
Look below for a ready-to-print member list and further below the member list with active website links for all our current members and associates that have such.

NEW FEATURE: Members shown with links to studbooks and to their equine databases, if the studbook wishes that we link to them.

Is your studbook’s equine database not displayed yet??
Then ask your studbook to send us the link.

We need the name of your studbook, the display name of the database in English, and whether access to the database is free or if it requires a purchased login.
The information needs to be sent to and the WBFSH office will update the members page continuously.




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Studbook Database Free or buy login
Hannoveraner Verband e.V Central German Equine Database operated by FN Free
Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA)    
Hungarian Sport Horse Breeders Association    


K - L


Studbook Database Free or buy login
Nederlands Rijpaarden en Pony Stamboek (NRPS)    
New Zealand Hanoverian Society (NZHS)    
New Zealand Warmblood Association (NZWA)    
Norwegian Danish Warmblood Society (NDWB) Danish Equine Database Buy login, ask
Norwegian Warmblood Association (NWB) Norwegian Horse Database Free

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Associate Members