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How to become a member

Applicant studbooks are required to complete a Profile of Application Form, and to supply relevant documentation, for consideration by the Executive Committee of the WBFSH (comprising members from six countries’ studbooks). The Executive Committee makes a recommendation to the Board of the WBFSH (a further international representative group) in relation to applications. The Board decides on applications subject to ratification at the Annual General Assembly.

A studbook may become a "Member" if it fulfills all the requirements as laid down in the Statutes of the WBFSH. The annual fee for a member is a minimum of EUR1000, plus EUR1 per foal registered in excess of 1000 per annum. Stud books that do not fulfill all the above mentioned requirements can join as "Associates", for an annual fee of EUR500.

"Associates" may not vote at the General Assembly or participate in the World Championships for Young Horses in showjumping, dressage, and eventing, which are run by the EEI in conjunction with the WBFSH.

For further information regarding application, please contact Karina Christiansen at

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